Late last week, President Donald Trump issued and signed an executive order which gave the government the ability you to block US companies from purchasing telecommunications equipment if there was a national security risk. While the company was not directly identified at the time, it was apparent that the US is taking its fight to China through Huawei, as some in the US government believe Huawei is attempting to install backdoors in their equipment to spy on the US.

In fact, President Trump’s administration has already accused Huawei of working with the Chinese government in an effort to have the aforementioned backdoors installed on network equipment. But at the time of this writing, there still has yet to be any proof of these vulnerabilities made public.

This is made problematic by the fact that Huawei is leading the way in 5G telecommunications, and the US is on the verge of making 5G available through the various network carriers. If Huawei were to do what the US government is afraid of, it would open the door for China to work its way into the US in ways that won’t be good for anyone.

Earlier today, a report from Reuters stated that Google began working on a motion to “stop working with Huawei on future Android updates and device certifications”. This is HUGE news considering the fact that Huawei is one of the three largest cell phone manufacturer’s in the world, and lives and breathes on the back of the Android operating software.

Huawei takes different pieces of the Android Open Source Library (AOSP) to create its own version with EMUI. However, this move by Google makes it so that Huawei will not be able to take advantage of Google Play Services, which means that the Play Store will no longer be able to be used on future Huawei smartphone releases.

It’s important to note that the report from Reuters states that pre-existing Huawei handsets will not lose access to Play Services. However, future devices will not be able to include Google’s services, and existing devices automatically lose access to future Android updates, including Android Q which launches later this year.

Google is not directly starting a war with Huawei over the use of the Android OS. Instead, this is merely the company complying with the US trade blacklist, which Huawei was placed on last week. But it sure seems that Huawei is either in for some dark days ahead, or there’s a big war that is about to explode between the US and China. Only time will tell which is which.

Source: Reuters