We are a week away from the WWDC 2019 Keynote where Apple will be showing off the latest versions of macOS, Watch OS, tvOS, and iOS. There’s a lot riding on what Apple will be doing with iOS 13, as folks are clamoring for more power features for the iPad Pro lineup.

Some features have been leaked so much that they are likely to be coming, such as a system-wide dark mode. However, other rumors include a revamped Mail application, along with new productivity features, including support for external mice.

Last week, Álvaro Pabesio published one of the cleanest iOS 13 concepts that we have seen to date. The concept includes better Bluetooth menus to easily connect new devices, the ability to switch users with nothing more than Face ID and a long press of the Power button, and even more

The concept also shows off the highly-anticipated redesigned volume HUD which will be much less intrusive than what iOS features now. Additionally, widgets have been redesigned to look more like the Home app, and you’ll be able to finally, FINALLY, download files from Safari. These would then be downloaded to the Files application on your iOS device.

Perhaps my favorite portion of this concept is the redesigned widget screen so that the notification panel would become actually useful. I know this is a super-long shot, but I would love it if Apple would make the iPad Pro customizable to the point that these widgets could be placed on the home screen. But who am I kidding, I doubt we will even be able to place icons where we want them without the need of wonky workarounds that can be frustrating.

Obviously this is just one person’s take on what IOS 13 will bring, but it’s fun to let our minds run wild for another week or so. I’m just hoping and praying that Apple doesn’t screw up this release and bring another boring iteration of a platform that is way overdue on a revamp and a remodel.